For Hotels

Pool Decks, Tennis Courts, Fitness Areas, Spas, Children's Play Areas, Indoor or Out, WSSI can look after it all.

Our unique Rubber Surfacing has been independently lab tested and exceeds the ASTM Standard for a safe walking surface for both WET and DRY surfaces.

With a large variety of colours available we can easily create a colour that will not only “Blend In” with the property but also will enhance it. With the ability to install Custom Logos, Depth Markers for pools and Unique Borders, your deck will be “One of a Kind!”

WSSI understands the unique challenges that the Accommodation Industry faces when undertaking major renovations. That’s why WSSI is equipped with proper tools to take care of the job for you.

We have Dustless Grinding Systems and Quiet Electric Mixers to minimize the impact on your guests.

We work with a number of different materials, some that would get your clients back on the pool deck in as little as two days after installation!

WSSI proudly serves Western Canada. Please Contact Us for further information, to have a set of samples mailed out, or to discuss your current deck challenges.

Contact us at (250) 809-4961 and we will be happy to provide you with any information you need for your surfacing project.
For email contact information for your area please visit our Contact Page.

To view examples of our rubber surfacing products visit:

Deckside Pool & Spa, 2008 Main Street, Penticton, BC

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